Comments from Students of Principle of Macroeconomics

Comments from Students of Principle of Macroeconomics

Spring 2019

  • good course overall
  • The tests are difficult but thats because Econ is just hard in general.
  • I surprisingly did not hate this class like I did in highschool. All I needed was a good teacher and he definitely provided that.
  • I enjoyed this class the content was just hard and sometimes class lectures went fast
  • The assignments may get tricky but I think it’s beneficial for those in the business major.
  • Experience overall was good, I enjoyed this class.
  • I liked not having to buy a textbook and having access to the chapter powerpoints
  • The attendance was not mandatory, so students often skipped. This negatively impacted the course because it made it feel like the class was optional, when in reality it contains a lot of crucial information needed for students taking a business major.
  • I need direct connection from powerpoint info to actual question we expect to face on homework and especially tests.
  • The textbook was a little hard to read.
  • Assignments were straightforward.
  • Everything else was very good
  • The tests really need to have a free response section, I believe that free response is crucial to gaining a holistic understanding of economics. It is incredibly difficult to comprehend the plethora of models in economics without actually having to work with any of the various models themselves.
  • No textbook needed -Tests are fair -Assignments are amazing

Fall 2018

  • This professor is awesome, he’s passionate and friendly. The way he teach is easy to understand.
  • Great
  • It was fine, but having only two exams is an unnecessary burden on the class, as having more tests would make stress lessen. Failing one test destroys your grade. More pop quizzes??
  • No need for textbook. He went over everything with powerpoint
  • Offer more online options for this course.
  • Overall, the course was good, but also maybe require attendance so more people will attend.

Summer 2018

  • I was pleased with this course, the instructor was very friendly and was quick to offer assistance and clarification when needed.
Zhengyang (Robin) Chen
Assistant Professor in Economics

My research interests include Macroeconomics and Monetary Economics, Time Series Analysis and Financial Economics.